ActivEase - Grow Your Training Business

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  • Slash administrative time

  • Mobile App for you and your clients

  • Share clients among trainers in your organization

  • Build your own workout template library


Build your own exercise database

Create your own exercise database complete with Youtube videos to help you establish your own fitness brand. Your clients will be able to view your videos in their ActivEase app when completing assigned homework sessions.

Create powerful workout templates

Assign complex workout programs with ease utilizing our template system. Mix and match exercises in flexible circuits allowing for the assigment of supersets of both duration and resistance based exercises.

Combine templates to create great workouts in seconds

Create complete workouts in no time at all by combining multiple templates with ease. Your clients will receive them instantly on their ActivEase app in a tabbed view.

Assign workout programs easily

Assign a week of workouts then copy and paste to upcoming weeks. Weights can be predetermined or when appropriate based off of your client's previous 1 Rep Max allowing for auto-progression.

Form a winning team in your organization

Share clients among your organization as well as workout templates, eliminating the need for redundant work.

Receive the complete ActivEase system

Track clients in-session

Ditch the clipboard and upgrade to the ActivEase app for trainers. Save hours each week in administation by cutting out the paper intermediary. It also serves to keep you connected with your clients through direct messaging.

Assign homework to clients

They will be able to log their workouts in the ActivEase Client App as well as view Youtube videos provided by you for assistance. If the client needs additional help they can utilize our messaging platform for instant communication.